01 October 2006

My Body is in Recovery

Yesterday I played a full on rugby game. I've been to practice a handful of times since we've been back but we haven't really done any full contact drills. Yesterday we had a game to prepare some of our guys who are going to a tournament in Bali. We split up and went at it. It was nice to get back into a physical game where my size is an asset not a detriment. I also noticed that my new found strength was a benefit and that made me feel good. I will say though that my body does not handle the beating like it used to. People my age or older can attest to this...the recovery time in a sport like this changes from one day to two days and sometimes even a week or a month. When I got home from the game I showered and then laid on my bed all afternoon. Nevada put some Tiger Balm on my sore muscles and I stewed in my muscle relaxant glory. Today my body is aching in diferent places and all of my muscles are tight. It's a good feeling though. It lets me know that my body has been worked...it's been used to it capabilities. Sure, the body feels more relaxed when it sits around and watches TV or reads a book but sometimes you gotta get out there and push your limits.

When the alarm went off at 9 am yesterday (a Saturday) I didn't feel the rugby vibe at all. I was on the fence between staying in bed and enjoying a relaxing Saturday with Nevada or working my butt off in the hot sun on the rugby field. Nevada urged me to go to rugby, not for the physical benefits but for the relationship benefits. She helped to point out that I have invested in creating a few friendships and that I needed these connection outside of the church scene and the Morrison scene. That really encouraged me to get our of bed and get my butt to the field. I really do value having an outlet like the rugby scene to let loose and learn from people outside the Christian scene. It's ironic that this was brought up in my life this week because our pastor is struggling with this in his life. Without saying too much he's getting burnt out a little bit. One reason is that he only hangs out with church people...that means even in his social time or his rest time he's with people from the church (his job). This week him and I were talking and it was clear that he needed to find some people to hang out with outside of the church. He needs a life away from his church and his work. Somewhere he can go to get a mental/emotional break. Please join me in praying for him and his need to find some "outside" friends...

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