19 October 2006

Starbucks food, not a letdown for once

Even as a loyal Starbucks customer I can fully admit that their food is sub-par. It's never really been a big deal for me cuz I'm there for the coffee, the comfy chairs and the jazz music but it would be nice sometimes to enjoy a snack with my coffee. This leads me to my latest find...the Beef and Cheese Croissant. I'm not sure if it's available in Canada or the US but here in Taiwan it's a new item that has risen to "must have" status for each of my SB visits. It's funny cuz you would think a comapny rich in money, resources, research and consumer manipulating prowess would be able to create a dynamic menu of coffee friendly foods. In writing thsi I realize that the quality of SB foods may be different in Canada/US vs Taiwan...I know they've started doing sandwiches at the SB in the USA. Maybe they're good, maybe they're not but the bottom line is the Beef&Cheese Croissant will blow your mind. They microwave it for a minute and the cheese melts...mmm gooey goodness. The meat is like a Pastrami which is an unheard of lunch meat over here but happens to be my favorite when I'm in Canada. This is why I shouldn't post while sitting in SB....I get a little one track minded.

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