21 January 2007

Back to the gym...

Today was probably my first workout since we had the baby. With the lack of sleep comes a lack of energy to invest in working out. I've been flabby so it was time to get back at it. Don't worry though I've still been exercising. I've been playing a lot of basketball. The regular Tuesday game, two special church events and a few teacher team games...not to mention practice with the grade 9 boys team I've been coaching. We've only had 6 guys on the team for most of the season so that means that the other coach and I have to participate in most of the drills and scrimmages. It's been really fun "practicing" all the time, my game is getting back to a decent level and I'm getting in better shape. It makes me appreciate those years of organized sports that much more.

The scale had good news for me today...haven't said that many times in my life. It told me I'm weighing in at 108 kgs (238 lbs). I know that's seems like a big number to most of you normal sized people but that's great news for me. That's 57 lbs down from where I once was. I'm in the 230s...next up the 220s and eventually the goal of 220 lbs. Or dare I shoot for 210.


Nate said...

I dare you. :)

Anonymous said...

Good for you Seigs. I'm hoping to hit that 210 mark too.