25 February 2007

I'm officially a local

There is so much to Blog about but I'm not sure I'm ready so this little tidbit will have to suffice. I was out walking and shopping with Gemma today and the strangest thing happened. This young lady walked up to me and immediately I thought to myself the she wanted to A) Practice her English with me or B) Check out my baby. But to my surprise the answer was C) Ask me where the MRT station was in Chinese. Can you believe that...of all the people walking around (99% of which were Chinese) she asked me, the white guy, a question in Chinese. Luckily I understood the question and pointed her in the right direction. I'm getting closer to gaining status as a "local".


Melissa said...

Usually this happens when I'm driving my scooter and when they look and see that I'm a foreigner they stop talking. One time a woman kept on talking and luckily I understood and could give her directions. So funny!

Grandpa Steve said...


so why you in A?

Anonymous said...

You are the MAN -- Chinese MAN that is.