09 March 2007

Share your thoughts...

I met these girls as we were walking through the streets of Sydney. I'll tell you the story in a few days but I want to hear your thoughts on these two pics.

Update: To clarify, I'm wondering what your thoughts are on these girls drinking on the church's front step.


Allison said...

What kind of comments are you looking for? I'm not sure what to say about the pictures...Like, in regards to the picture quality or the church or what?

Grandpa Steve said...
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Grandpa Steve said...

well, was the drinking on the steps truly connected with the church or did it just happen to be where they stopped?

If it was respectful of the church, then I must think it is OK even though it doesn't fit with my standard, but then drinking alcohol doesn't fit my Free Methodist view.

If it was direspectful of the church, the alcohol happens o be involved, but the disrespect was probably present before the alcohol.

Hmm, quite a challenge to wrestle with.