10 April 2007

Back to School

As I look to further my future in ministry we (Nevada and I) have decided that I need to get some Bible education. I'm in the process now of deciding what I can take through distance learning and what my goal is. Do I simply want to learn or should I be aiming to get some sort of credential (BA, AA, Diploma). I'm really excited to get back into the books and challenge my mind again. I always knew that I'd be a student again, I love to learn. Any advice from you fellow ministry folks out there...which school? what program? etc.


Shane Sowden said...

There are a lot of schools offering distance learning courses now. I know Briercrest has a good DL program. I know you can also take DL courses through Gordon Conwell Seminary and Regent. They are a little more expensive than Briercrest I think but It would be sweet to have a degree from those places!

Allison said...

Yes, I am biased, but I really do think that Briercrest has excellent education, and a really good DL program. I took some classes that way. Of course, professors always add to the education experience, especially at Briercrest, but yeah, BBC is good.

Nate said...

I know a guy who lives in a box down by the river. For 10 bucks he will tell everything you could ever want to know about religion. For an additional 5 he'll throw in a diploma (of course it's written in urine on the back cover of the phone book but I'm sure it's accredited). Just make sure you don't touch anything.

Herpes suck.