19 May 2007

Good news/ Bad news

If you're in Canada you had some good news today. The dollar hit a 30 year high. You can all go shopping crazy and I'm sure traffic to Minot, North Dakota and Billings, Montana will be busy, busy, busy. This does give me some sense of pride in Canada, that our economy is doing well. The bad news side of this is that we are making Taiwan Dollars and when the Canadian dollar gets better we make less money. That means our summer holiday savings has been on a slow slide and is now worth a lot less. I guess trips around the province may have just become trips around the city. Instead of the lake we're heading to the swimming pool. And so on...either way we'll be home in two weeks and are ready for some Saskatoon fun.


Anonymous said...

Donglai and I also had this discussion yesterday with his Chinese dollar. He is hopeful though that he will finish his studies this summer session.

I did see it as an opportunity to travel in the States. No more Minot for me, I'll go the extra miles to Fargo, N.D.


Anonymous said...

We just looked at some of your latest flicker pics and can't wait to see you! You are looking super slim there daddy-o, way to go!

Shane Sowden said...

Starbucks is on me this time!!!