22 June 2007

New look and now a new post

I got bored and tweaked the blog again. I hope you like it. The art in the header is the wall of the pizza restaurant we went to in Chicago. I thought that was cool. Since getting back from Chicago it's been busy. I had my first father's day. It was fun! I got to hang out with my little girl and just relax. The only downer was that my mom's basement flooded that day. Saskatoon got an unusual amount of rain and unfortunately a downstairs window was open just a sliver. We managed to control the water but the musty smell of dead rotting carcasses is still wafting around the house. The other highlight of my week has been hanging out with Tom. He's my bestest friend and we hung out 3 nights this week. We also smoked our pipes a lot which is a bonding past-time that always gives us time to chat. Last night we watched "The Last King of Scotland" and we gave it two thumbs up. Receiving two thumbs down, in fact two thumbs lopped off and used as novelty ice cubes was the horrible show I saw tonight "Fantastic Four : Rise of the Silver Surfer". I went out with Paul, Rob and Roger and was at the mercy of Paul's taste. It was brutal...don't ever see it...you will never get those two hours of your life back. Tomorrow morning the whirlwind vacation continues. We're off to Regina for our annual Everything Day Weekend. My family has created a holiday that allows us to celebrate the days we missed by living overseas all year. It's a lot of fun and a great excuse for our fam to bond. I'm super looking forward to the Rider game tomorrow, although I know they'll find someway to break my heart.


Kristin, Katrina & Nate said...

Rock on with the pics, bro. Luvin' 'em! Enjoy the homeland holiday.

Anonymous said...

Chester - that last pic is priceless! One for her wedding slideshow one day, I'd say!


arimich <> said...

Hey! My Dad was at that game. Weird. I love your pics. Gemma's looks so happy!

Teecy said...

hey chris! i enjoyed reading about your summer so far. gemma looks adorable...what is she calling that last face?