18 October 2007

Lighten the mood

My last two posts have been a little heavy and I feel like I need to chill out a little and share some happy thoughts.

1) The Pearl has an office. The Pearl is the church I work at. We've always just rented Sunday service space and worked out of our homes but now we have a home base. We felt the need to take a step in a more professional direction as well as find a place for various ministries to use. So far it's been painted but has absolutely no furniture in it. That means I get to do something else I love to do...shop and decorate. With the hours I've invested in watching decorating television I feel like I'm bursting to get this place looking fabulous. I'll take some pics once we get it set up.

2) Gemma can walk now. She still prefers to crawl and her walking is still very wobbly but we are so proud of her baby steps. If the right person baits her with a toy or some hug worthy arms she'll get brave and make the dash. She also does it sometimes without even realizing it. She'll be leaning on something like the coffee table and decide she needs to get to the chair...with a few hesitant steps she makes it across the room without even thinking about it. When you try to get her to do it again she always drops to her butt and crawls.

3) The NBA season is less than two weeks away. I love basketball and the summer can be a long drought. This summer was a but easier with the tournament of the Americas being on but nothing beats NBA ball. For those of you that follow though you'll know that my team (The Lakers) is having a fair bit of controversy. Kobe Bryant has voiced displeasure with the team and sort of wants out. Considering he's probably the best player in the league that's a bad thing. If we keep him he could purposely dog it like Vince Carter did for the Raptors. I hope somehow we can make some moves... and make em quick so that Kobe is pleased and we can move on. If not it could be time for a new generation in Lakerland...which usually means a couple bad seasons. As long as we can get back to being a strong playoff team I'll be happy and with the rich tradition and deep pockets I believe we'll get there.

4) I got a new iPod. A year and a bit ago I dropped my iPod at the gym and it broke. I immediately started an ipod piggy bank. By about April I had saved enough to get a new ipod but I didn't want to buy an old model. I've been the victim of buying technology right before it's updated and it's not a good feeling. So this time I made a promise that I wouldn't buy until ipods were updated. With all the travel during the summer it was tough without music (and video)...I'm a guy who has headphones practically glued to his ears. I waited and waited and got close to breaking down several times. Finally in Sept Apple announced new ipods. They announced ipod Classics...which are an updated version of the video ipod and they announced iPod Touch which is a touch screen ipod with music, photo, video and wireless internet capability. The Touch is amazing technology but comes with the downside of small storage capacity...when they start making them with more storage I'll be a buyer. For now the right purchase for me was an 80 G iPod Classic. It's my first video capable iPod and it's pretty awesome. I just love having my portable media back up and running and I'm glad I waited for this update. It feels good to have something that "new" rather than being the sucker who bought at the end of a cycle.


Kristin, Katrina & Nate said...

Rock 'n roll Gemma!


jax - treen - nate

Grandpa Steve said...

A mix of heavy and everyday life is good. It is real.

Keep pursuing God. I frequently recall your public statement after returning from PromiseKeepers in Chicago. Yes, you and your house are following the Lord.

Glenn said...

Since you are a true purple-hearted Lakers fan - you are used to disappointment lately and will need to prepare for more! Kobe is not one of my favorites for many reasons -- few of them having to do with what he does on the court.