18 February 2008

Out of Commission

As you, the readers, know I broke my foot a couple weeks ago. I'm not too bummed about getting injured. When you play sports it's a risk you take and things happen. I am however getting bummed about the lack of exercise and activity in my life. I've worked hard in the last few years on losing weight and keeping in shape so this down time has not simply been a physical down time but an emotional down time. I can feel my body getting flabbier by the day and I wouldn't be surprised if I've gained 5 pounds already. For most people they don't focus so much on their bodies but for me it's always been a major issue. Almost every hour of everyday I think about how I look in my clothes or how I look in a mirror. I want to clarify that it's not a vain thing. I sort of just want to look normal so that my weight is not a focus of peoples' attention. I hope to someday reach a "normal weight", whatever that is. My goal is 200 lbs, which may seem like a lot to some of you but since I was pushing 300 at one point it would be a special level for me to reach. I don't think I've been 200 lbs since I was in grade 9.

I am already starting to think about my return to fitness in 8 weeks or so. I plan to really go hard in the gym and on the court. Many people my age/my generation are big into these triathlon/ironman/marathon/adventure race type pursuits and I think I might challenge myself to do something like that as well. Assuming I'm weighing in at roughly 235 at the end of this broken foot thing I hope to get down to 220 by the summer time and then next school year I will fight for my goal of 200.

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