02 September 2008

NBA Legends in Taiwan

The other night Nevada and I were fortunate enough to get our hands on some free tickets to an NBA event that was happening here in Taipei. We went with some friends of ours from school to watch some retired NBA players play a Legends Game with some retired Taiwanese pros and some current Taiwanese pros. I was excited to see the two main guys, Scottie Pippen and Clyde Drexler. These guys were stars in their era and as a bonus Glen Rice, NBA champion with Lakers, was also there. There were a lot of people there and the hype was big but I gotta be honest the game was a let down. They looked old and most times fairly disinterested. They shot a lot of lazy three-pointers and didn't even shoot them very well. There was very little running, in fact very little jogging...it was a walking pace. It wasn't all bad though. The mascot from the Golden State Warriors was there doing trampoline dunks, that was cool. And the NY Knicks dance team was there...I was a good restrained Christian when they came out but the highlight for me was watching the Taiwanese men ogle these women with big grins on their faces. This older guy a few seats away kept looking my way with this nod and wink type face...the dancing was definitely a highlight for him. Another funny thing was the halftime show. This Taiwanese R&B singer came out and blatantly lip-synced two songs. It was like watching a bad kung-fu movie where the dialogue doesn't mesh with the mouths. Overall, despite the poor basketball, it was fun night. We always enjoy a night on the town and especially when we get to share it with our good friends.

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Grandpa Steve said...

glad you had a fun time. just wait until you get old.