03 September 2008


Many of our friends take part in a Masters of Education program that runs classes every couple of months at Nevada’s school. The program is put on by a university in the States called Framingham. It’s a great opportunity for them but it sort of wrecks our social scene. Every 2 1/2 months they have two weeks of intensive class, 4 nights a week and all day Saturday. So our friends are busy, unavailable and often tired. This week has been the first session of this year and it sucks. That’s why we call it Suckingham. It’s only been two days and I already miss these friends. Our friend Adrienne, specifically, tends to eat dinner with us at least once a week and also is great with Gemma, often willing to babysit or at least entertain while we do some house work. I can’t wait until they are all finished and have those degrees. They’ll be smarter, more employable, and best of all they’ll be available to be our friends again....boo hoo.


Anonymous said...

aww muffin!

Grandpa Steve said...

part of me understands

part of me grins at poor you

part of me tries to feel bad about not feeling bad for poor you

part of me misses you

Kevin said...

Yep, it's a bummer.

Anonymous said...

We chalked up our first Jr. Football win this past Wednesday. Even with our star O-Line coach overseas. Mantyka was saying the other day how he liked having you around. It looks like we're going to have a pretty stellar team this year which is nice. We should chat soon.

Grandpa Steve said...

stopped by to see how deep the water was. Hope the typhoon avoids The Pearl.