04 December 2008

Bittersweet Decision

I guess this is a bit of an official announcement...we have signed on for another 2 years in Taiwan. We've been mulling over this decision almost every day since we returned to Taiwan from our summer vacation. More than any time in the last four years we were very conflicted. We've both been missing home....people, comfort, lifestyle etc. But it came down to a matter of faith. Taiwan is where God wants us and has big things in store for us. I know some people who read this won't understand but as Christians we don't just follow our own desires, we make choices based on what God wants and where He wants to use us. Our life is good here. We have a place to live, we have food to eat and we have wonderful people around us. It just isn't the typical life that most of us (in Saskatchewan) envision living. At this stage Taiwan is where our lives make sense. Nevada and I both enjoy our jobs and have potential to learn and grow in our professions, our callings. We are able to take good care of Gemma (good medical system, benefits through Nevada's work) and there are so many people here that love on her. These things will also be true with the new baby. Our church is awesome and has been a major blessing. Not to mention some of the frivolous things in life that we enjoy here: travel opportunities, tropical climate, international big city culture, fun exercise (basketball whenever I want it, biking for transportation and enjoyment), chance to learn Chinese etc, etc.

My heart does break when I think of missing out on life with certain people. We both miss our families a lot. It's been so sad for me that we haven't had Christmas together in 4 years and that our daughter only gets to see her grandparents/great grandparents briefly each year. For me, I miss Tom...my best friend. I feel that we get more and more disconnected as time goes by and that kills me. I hate that I don't get to see his daughter growing up and that our new families don't get to spend time together. Lastly, I miss our old church family at Lakeview. There are a lot of people there that i value and have lost touch with. A lot of people to learn from and grow with that I may never bond with again. I think that in the end one of the tough things we have to do as adults is make the best decisions for ourselves and our families and this comes with a cost. This disconnect with our "home" city and the people we've left behind is the biggest cost for us.

We do envision a time when we'll make a return to Canada. We both feel strongly that I need to finish a Bible college/seminary program in order to fully reach my potential as a pastor and that will bring us home so i can be a student at Briercrest. We're just not sure when that will be and how that will happen. Please pray that we will make the right decision in regards to how to complete those studies and pray that somehow the finances for that will be in place when the time comes.

I could probably write pages and pages on this decision but this post sums it up nicely. If you are a reader from "back home" please keep in touch with us and we will do our best to stay connected with you as well.


Anonymous said...

It would have been nice to hear this from you directly.

Grandpa Steve said...

May God Bless you richly as you continue to seek and follow His will.

I believe God will take the two of you to new levels of knowledge, discipline and service.

I also believe you will be surprised by some of the things revealed!

Anonymous said...

Wow - I know this was a tough decision for you guys. I'm certainly sad, but I know that you thought a lot about it. I really hope I can come out to see you again over the next couple of years.

Kristin said...

Tough decision, I'm sure. Have a great Christmas!

Grandpa Steve said...

Ok, its been more than a week. Where's an update? Surely there is somthing that can be shared publicly.

SarahJ said...


Just wanted to say I still read up on you guys every once in awhile and am glad to hear things are going well in Taiwan for you all. You are a strong man of God and while our church here are home definately misses the humour and life you brought to it, I know you are blessing many people over there! Good luck with the new baby!

- Sarah

Grandpa Steve said...