10 April 2009

Visitors galore

So Nevada, Gemma, Guinness and I have been fortunate to have my mom here for an extended visit. All in all she'll be here for a month. She came to hang out with us and to help with the adjustment of adding another little one to our family. She's been a great help, doing dishes, washing clothes, cooking the odd meal and of course cuddling/changing Guinness. She's also shopped a lot and we've all benefitted from some of those purchases. Although her and I don't always get along it's fun to have her here to joke with and banter with. Hopefully she'll make this a regular trip in the next couple years.

In other news, Nate (Nevada's brother) just booked his ticket to come here. Mom leaves on April 17 and Nate gets here on the 29th. It'll be his first time over here so it'll be really fun to show him around and help him to get his first taste of Chinese Asia. It'll be a different type visit than my mom, a little more touristy so that will be fun. I love giving people a taste of our life here and helping them to see the beauty that can be found on our island. It'll also be fun to have the kids spend some time with their uncle. I know he's not really used to hanging out with little kids but they'll grow on him. I'll make sure he gets enough adult time to blow off some steam. I don't know if I've mentioned it before but it's been awesome getting to know Nate in the last couple of years. I've never had siblings and the more we hang out the more I get a sense of what it's like to have a brother.

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