22 July 2004

As many of you know I’ve been overseeing the senior high youth ministry at Lakeview Church. It’s been a fun job so far and I think everyday I get more comfortable and confident with what’s happening. That being said the summer is a tough time to run youth ministry especially at Lakeview. It’s been established in the last few years that most ministries take a break during summer. I was trying to be persistent and run my ministry through the summer. The interest just hasn’t been there. Some kids have been faithful and I love them for it but I’m beginning to understand that most people just need a break including students. I’ve decided to suspend operations in the month of August. I’ll still be working towards developing things for the fall start but we just won’t worry about having any activities. I feel like the lack of “numbers” is more of a discouragement for the students than the activities are an encouragement and that’s no good. That’s a little work update for you…..please take some time to pray for the students and the leaders that they would be able to enjoy some rest and come back energized for the fall.

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