13 August 2004

Day one is over and it was o.k. I learned a lot about working with volunteers and that's an area that I need to educate myself in. I haven't been on the othe side of the volunteer/staff thing that long so I need to learn how to recruit volunteers, how to get them in a place where they want to be and can excel and just how to keep proper lines of communication open between team members. These are all things that come with experience and I'm just at the start of my leadership journey so I have a ways to o. I hope to apply some of what I learned today in the next few weeks as I prep for the fall ministry season. I also have to say that nothing beats a black preacher. I realize that's coming from a Saskatoon (lack of black people) mentality but really they have a power and and enthusiasm that is infectious. Today brother T.D. Jakes was wearing this baggy pimpin suit and he was sweating buckets but he had us in the palm of his hand. It inspired me to hone my preaching skills so that I can get on stage and with God's help make a difference in peoples lives.

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