14 August 2004

Day two at the Summit was focused (in my mind) more on the corporate leaders. The sessions had nuggets of info that I could take away but I didn't quite fully grasp any of them. The first speaker was the president of USC and he was so witty and clever. He often surprised Bill Hybels with comments that left him speechless. He was an excellent story teller and has some ideas that were bizarre but made sense after he elaborated. The tip that I enjoyed and plan to use was that of Thinking Free. Allowing oursevles to think of completely obnoxious unreasonable solutions to problems and situations. Very much like brainstorm thinking but taking it to another level even more out there. His example that will stick with most of us was when he worked as an engineer he was trying to come up with a way to innovate dishwaher controls. He laid down an began to think of how a ladybug would work a dishwasher, how a french horn would work a dishwasher and several other things. Eventually he began to formulate new ideas in his head and it led to a great patented idea that made millions. It's all about freeing yourself of restrictions even though you know that the new ideas may never work. The last two speakers were too much like motivational businessmen for me. I wrote down some good stuff but nothing that pops out at me to share. I guess I should at least give the British guy credit for his amazing humour. He used a North American/UK sports comparison that has us all rolling and I won't sson forget.

Also, the music took a turn for the better today. I have to say that he music has been the part of the conference that I have disliked the most so far. Willow Creek is a church that sets an example for many other churches in the world and it seems like in their advancement they forgot to update their music style. It's vey much like pop/rock circa 1991. It's easy listening Kenny Logginsesque music that is really in need of some modern infusion. The sad part is that so many churches follow that example and I really believe it's a step back in the arts area of church. So why was today different? Because Lincoln Brewster, a California based worship leader with a modern style, led a great worship set this afternoon. You could feel the energy in the room pick up and the energy that could be seen from the people at Willow also picked up. It just re-affirmed to me that the new stuff is where it's at for this generation in the church and the old easy listening style is out. Just my opinion but this is where I am free to share it.....

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