07 August 2004

The senior high director hiring team is still working away at sorting through resumes and doing interviews and they may be at it for awhile yet. In the meantime I'm still the director and I still have the opportunity to get better and show my stuff. However there is still a reasonable chance that they will hire someone else so I need to take steps towards that posibility. I did that today as I registered for a full classload at university. I like university and I definitely plan to finish (someday) whether I get this job or not. I really value education and I love academics. I love being accountable for the things I read and learn. It's a hard situation I'm in right now, not being in control of my immediate future. For those of you that don't know, the senior high job has been my dream job for many years and it's something I really wanted to do with my life. Now I'm on the brink but I may not get it as there are many people out there who could do a good job. I think I have the skills and experience to do the job and do it well but it's not in my hands.

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