30 September 2004

I'm really looking forward to spicy soup today. It's been a long week. Nothing takes away your cares like that fiery red potion of delicious love. I've been accompanying the Lakeview church crew now for a few months and I don't always get the soup. I usually try new menu items from their Chinese section....the bonus being that Cathy doesn't drink her soup broth so she usually passes it on to me. The best of both worlds. However today I'll be eating the soup. The risk of course is how my body will react....when you pump that much spicy stuff into a body who knows what could happen.....

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Anonymous said...

Chester, be careful with the spice, it can get dangerous. Anyway, not sure if everyone that reads your blog wants to know, but we are now on the web at www.srml.ca, our team is the policy and we are in division c. This could almost be team lakeview as most players attend.

Is drinking others soup broth a healthy thing? Maybe living overseas changes your definition of cleanliness. I like the new blog, your floating head gave me nightmares.