01 October 2004

Ive generally had good luck with profs at university. I've enjoyed most classes and much of it has been due to wonderful profs. And when I find a good one I try to take as many classes from that prof as possible. My fav. university profs so far have been: Kennedy, Kerr, Hynes, Cavan and Cottreau. These profs have been special because of their ability to entertain and add fun to a class. I went to their classes because they were exciting and in the end I also learned something. I'm thinking of profs today because I've got a new English prof that I just can't figure out. I'm struggling with his style and his quirkiness. He's a weird guy and during class everyone seems uncomfortable because of his weirdness. I hope I can still learn and come away with a decent mark but it's a struggle to get through every class. We can't always like our teachers, bosses, coaches etc. but we do still need to learn from them and put up with them. I'm learning this more and more as I grow up.

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