20 October 2004

I just finished watching a movie called "Goodbye Lenin". It's a newer German movie and was quite entertaining and somewhat thought provoking. It takes place right before the fall of the Berlin wall. It centers around a die hard socialist lady who has a fall and ends up in a coma. While she's asleep socialism falls in East Germany and the wall comes down. It's a fairly important time. When she comes out of her coma her family is warned that any big excitement will cause her to have a heart attack and possibly die. So the son has the bright idea to recreate old germany in their apartment so that she feels "normal". I won't get into the rest cuz you should see it but what would you think if you woke up and the world you knew was completely upside down. Like what if we woke up in a communist world tomorrow and all of our built in democratic ways were out the window. Wouldn't that be a shock to the system? Or what if you had to recreate an old world to appease someone you knew...where would you get the supplies and how would you keep up the charade? Some thoughts from this movie....

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