30 October 2004

I realize I wrote that last post during a week where Blogging time was few and far between. With my three essays and work at the Church I had no time to Blog. But I'm back at it.

This weekend is Halloween...as a grown up I don't even care anymore. It's kind of a silly holiday. I thinks it's fun for kids and a good time for bar people but for the rest of us I don't get the appeal. I will say that I love horror movies and Halloween gives me an excuse to lock myself in my dark basement suite and watch scary movies all day. My yearly Halloween tradition is to watch "The Shining" so I'm looking forward to some crazy Jack...Speaking of crazy Jack, the NBA season starts next week and I'm pumped about that...I can't wait to see the Lakers prove people wrong and comfortably make the playoffs...

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Cathy said...

Hey Chester - ever seen Jack Nickelson in "The Horror"? It was on tv last night - made in 1963, and the only horror I felt was that I actually watched the whole thing. It is genuinely terrible. I don't even want to describe it, its that bad. I need Halloween chocolate to make myself feel better.