01 November 2004

This week is a big week south of the border and it seems to also have a grip on our society. Personally I could care less and I wonder why we as Canadians invest so much into another country's political situation. Sure they wield a lot of power and influence but there's nothing we can do as Canadians in regards to this election. I admit I'm not to informed and I haven't even seen "Farenheit 911" but I think there are a lot of people who are also uninformed but insist on having an opinion. I can say this....I hope the man who has the best intentions and will do what's best for the people of his country and the rest of the world wins....That's my stance. I can't believe I'm saying this but in some ways I agree with that notorious Britany Spears political interview when she says "I think we just need to support our president." People complaining, moaning and fighting about things all the time doesn't help things. Thems are the breaks of democracy....if more people vote for one candidate then they win and everyone has to deal with. So if the US, and Canada for that matter, continues to view democracy as the system we want then we have to be prepared to live with the results.....ok enough politics time for "The Shining"

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