13 October 2004

Not so long weekend....

Long weekends no longer seem like the holiday they used to. They are so packed with activities that they aren't really breaks at all. I wish I could have a holiday where I just got to hide from everyone. Not that I don't like people it's just that I need a break from constant interaction. I also found that I couldn't get away from the busy thoughts in my head this weekend. This week is really busy for me with a football game, youth group and a retreat. My mind wouldn't let me forget it all weekend. It's good because it keeps me on task but sometimes that mental stress is even worse then physical stress.

Despite the business I did have a great weekend. We celebrated my auntie Linda's 40th B-Day on Saturday...it was a good time filled with family, food and a great Riders Game. Then on Sunday we had our family Thanksgiving and played Settlers to our hearts content. Monday we slept in, ate lunch and worked on a game board for Settlers. It was great to spend the weekend with my wife and with my family. Family times get better and better as we age....less tension and more appreciation.... Thank you God for a wonderful weekend.

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