15 October 2004

Another weekend but this one has a different focus. I'm headed to Waskesiu with the kids and leaders from The Mix (youth group). We're gonna take some time to listen to God and allow Him to delve into our spirits. I'm hoping it'll be much more relaxing than my last few weekends. I find that since I've worked in the Church everytime I sit down with my Bible or spend time with God it's always for work purposes. I read books and the Bible to get material to use with the youth. I haven't spent time filling my own tank and I hope that this weekend is the time. I find that when I'm at the lake and there aren't TVs and computers around I can really get in touch with what God has for me. It's something about slowing down, quieting down and focusing. I'll let you know when I come back how it was and what I learned.

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