22 December 2004

Despite my tough news last week I am doing my best to get into the holiday spirit. I have to say our place is beautifully decorated, the Christmas tree glow is a welcome sight. I do have one thing in the way of being on holidays and that is my one and only exam which I write in about 5 hours. Once that's over I'll be in full HO HO HO mode. The first order of business tomorrow is to finish up Christmas shopping. Nevada and I have barely done any shopping because we've been waiting on some paychecks but now that it's there we will hit the ground running tomorrow. The next couple days should be quite mellow and then the business begins. With our rotating system this year is a McKenzie Family Christmas so we'll be spending a couple days in Martensville....then it's off to Regina to have a Ochitwa/England Christmas (my fam)....then it's back to Saskatoon for some big time visiting with some close friends who have been away (Scott and Tim)....and so on and so on. It'll be a lot of fun but I do find that we cram so much into these "holidays" that they don't afford a chance to rest and recharge. That's it for now cuz I should get a couple hours of sleep before I write this exam....

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