19 December 2004

I'm having a tough weekend. I don't want to go into details but it's something that puts me and Nevada at a decision point for the future. Although we have several options we also have very few options....it's a strange scenario. It doesn't sound like it makes sense but it does. We would like your prayers as we try to figure out some big things.


Everybody's Auntie said...

Brutal Christmas news my friend. I'm so sad for you both. I have been, and will continue, to pray lots for you guys. I love you both and know that God has enormous and great things to use you for. Keep your eyes on Him, and just be willing to go where He sends. He'll always go with you. Just wish I could too! :)


Mike Gingerich said...

Hey C, don't sweat it to much. I know that the decisions we make shape our future but... God is bigger then it all( i know you know that). If it seems overwelming right now, that is a good thing that means you proably can't do it alone, so don't. You and Nevada are both look and seek the face of Jesus keep walking man. The best days for me spiritually have been the some of the scary and most lost