03 December 2004

My midterm is done and I turned in a mediocre yet satifactory performance. I wrote for the entire 80 mins and I believe I came up with some clever answers. Because I wasn't fully caught up with the readings I had to write about the ideas/concepts in the books rather than the plot driven details. We'll see if that's something my prof appreciates or not. I did find out from some classmates that our prof gave us a deal that whatever we did better on between this test and an upcoming essay he would give that grade more weight. So as long as I can put together a decent essay in January I should be just fine....We have classes on Friday and Monday and then the semester is done for Christmas break. I'm looking forward to catching up on some reading, some movie watching, some family time and some planning for the next semester at The MIX(youth group). That's all for now...peace out.


Anonymous said...

Steveo says keep orking on the school stuff. Oh and enjoy the Christmas break

Markio said...

Hey Chester, I found you. :) It was good running into you the other day.