18 January 2005

Does anyone find it strange that Leonard DiCaprio won a Golden Globe last night? That makes him a frontrunner for the best actor Oscar. Don't get me wrong....I actually like him as an actor and enjoy most of his movies but is he really that caliber? And on that note the other guy competing for best actor will be Jamie Foxx. What's going on? I haven't seen RAY or THE AVIATOR so I can't comment on these particular performances but where are all the big guns this year....Hanks, Denzel, DeNiro, Pacino, Eastwood, Nicholson etc...I love change and I love new guys getting their credit but they should have to earn it against the best and it doesn't seem like the best are in the running. If the Golden Globes taught me anything it's that I need to get out and see those flicks....they must be worth it.

P.S. it was great to see Robin Williams take home the Cecil B. DeMille Award for outstanding contribution to entertainment. He's been a wonderful actor that has flown under the fame radar for many years and deserves his recognition.

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