19 January 2005


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I can't believe I haven't blogged about my fav new movie...Napoleon Dynamite. It's a must see for fans of all things funny. It may look slow but it's genius. It's a B-movie that is sweeping the nation...I give credit to a few of my senior high guys who dragged me to it...I have been completely sold. If you like chapstick, online chatting, high school football, guys named pedro who wear wigs, sweet winter boots and crazy dance scenes then this movie is for you.

For those of you that have seen it check out this link for some awesome sound bytes: Napoleon sounds


Anonymous said...

Thats what I am talking about. - Kip

Hilary said...

Hey Chester. .. " I caught you a delicious bass" . .

Anonymous said...

can you take it off cool jumps? Also two winners from last year I Heart Huckabees and Garden State.

D. Goodmanson

Anonymous said...

I like your bangs.

Shane Sowden said...

I have to say it was a painful experience waiting for Napoleon to be finished. Maybe I expected too much?