29 January 2005

School's been busy lately so I haven't been inspired to write for fun...I'm off to Edmonton today to attend a Conference. A bunch of people from the church are going and someone cancelled so I'm filling in. I only found out yesterday so it's been sort of a whirlwind 24 hours. It shoudl be a good time of learning and worship and I look forward to taking a brief step away from my everyday life so that I breathe and reconnect with God. Some of the decision that face Nevada and I are getting closer and more real w/job offers and things so it's time to really clear that up...I hope God decides to fill me in on what to do in the immediate future.....anyways gotta hit the road...peace out.

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Anonymous said...

Steve says keep focussed on God's plan for you as a couple. I will keep praying for peace and clarity in the considertions and decisions. God only has great things available for you and Nevada!

Trust God. Keep on keeping on.