01 February 2005

It's been a long night...I've been working on a youth newsletter and it turned out awesome. It was an interesting mix between my academic abiliies as an English specialist and my inherent creative nature. I wish essays were that fun cuz I'd have them written up in no time. This past weekend was good and bad...I attended some sessions that really taight me a few things: I have a new look on the church's need to participate in social action starting with me as an individual, I also learned about ways we worry about church being "oool"...sometimes we put relevance and customer service ahead of reverance, I also learned a little more about PostModernism in the church...it's been a hot topic for a while now and I keep trying to get a grasp on it, I was encouraged to strive for my dreams despite the adversity and I was convicted to use my life to serve the Lord at all times. I was not impressed with the worship music which is unfortunate cuz that's usually my favorite thing...it focuses me and allows me to connect with God. The worship was more geared towards the baby boomer generation and I found it to be really "posed". A little too much about the music and the tech and not enough about the worship...just my opinion. Ok enough for now but I'll check back in tomorrow with a few thoughts.

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