15 February 2005

Following the advice of some lovely ladies at the church....I rented "The Notebook" to watch with my wife on Valentine's Day. I was hesitant but I went through with it. It was a wonderful movie. Nevada and I were crying and hugging and laughing and crying. It was a rollercoaster of emotion which indicates a successful film...in my eye's at least. The movie really emphasized the fact that true love is for life and that it takes work to maintain. These are two lessons that I think all married people need to learn over and over. With Nevada and I living 5 days a week apart this year our relationship has definitely been strained. I love my wife and I can't wait for us to be back together on an everyday basis. I want us to be as close as we can be...emotionally speaking. I also want to take this time to publicly apologize to my wife for my many downfalls...I have been blessed that I've found a women who loves me despite my faults. My goal is to be able to love her in the same way...

I love you Baby...Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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