07 March 2005

I realize a lot of my posts are about TV shows I watch...and this one will be as well. With Nevada gone this year and our budget fairly tight I spend a lot of time at home and the TV keeps me company.

I watched a show on A&E tonight called "Intervention". It was an intriguing first episode. A documentary style camera crew followed two drug addicts around as they lived life as only they can. The families and friends gave their thoughts and the addicts were honest about their addictions. It is so sad that so many people allow themselves to go down that path. It starts off as fun and ends up taking their whole lives. One girl was an academic star who was on her way to an amazing future and the other guy was a successful business man who had it all...It breaks my heart to see them in their addict state and this is where the cool part of the show comes...they families called for help and asked an Intervention (rehab) person to come in and take over. They sat the addicts down with close friends and family who poured their hearts out about the devastation the addicts have caused and they let them know how much they loved them and wanted to see them back to their best. It was touching and awesome to see people supporting and loving people. In the end they both went through programs and cleaned up but I wish it wouldn't have to come to that. I'm excited to see next weeks epidsode about a compulsive gambler and a compulsive shopper.

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Glenn said...

Hey Chris - Chester - England - McKenzie
Of course I remember you -- and it is fantastic to hear from you. I'll save the Taiwan stuff for an email. But i thought you'd like to read about Angela's latest good news on my blog -- www.fullydevoted.blogspot.com