06 March 2005

Sorry about my Blog laziness. School work has been draining me and I've had some bad sleeps lately. I can't seem to get rested...even if I sleep for 10 hours I still feel tired all day. Anyways....this weekend my grandparents surprised us and came to town from Regina. With March being so busy at school I knew we wouldn't make it down there so it was nice that they could come. My Gpa and I went to the Big 8 Basketball tournament last night and it was super fun then today we all went for lunch at the Yard. I love doing young people things with old people. Speaking of the Big 8 Tournament... Holy Cross didn't do so well. The won on Thursday and came up against a super tough Campbell team on Friday. After being down most of the game Cross came back behind the sharp shooting of Tim Hollman and took the lead with 11 seconds left. Campbell then dribbled down court and threw up a desperation shot that went it to win them the game 71-70...most people who follow high school basketball would say that that was the "real" final of the tournament. That's the beauty of high school sports...any team can win on any given day.

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