02 March 2005

I was just about to head to bed when I came across an interesting documentary on TV. It's called "College Days, College Nights". It's a look into the lives of several college students going through a year at UBC. The students represent a great cross-section of cultures, areas of study, ages and interests. As a university student myself I found it very interesting because I was reminded of my early years of university and how fresh, intimidating, stimulating and exciting it was. It also showed some upper years students who are in the same mode as me now and it's nice to know that I'm not alone. Although I see similarities the two things that make my university experience different...my christianity...and my marriage. As I tried to follow my Christian values I was able to stay away from a lot of the traps of early independence such as alcohol abuse, drug abuse and sex. (As has been discussed on this blog in the past I don't claim to have a clean record however I've been able to walk a fairly straight line that has kept me away from a lot of things) These are the issues that bombard young students and their life at school can become about the extras rather than the essentials. I also see university from a different point of view because I'm married. A lot of people spend a lot of time, energy and money on attracting, securing and maintaining relationships with significant others. I'm able to keep my head clear of those distractions on a day to day basis when I go to school. I guess all of this talk boils down to the essence of university in that we are all there for different reasons, we get out of it different things, we have different experiences and that uniquesness is special...and of course if things go well we all leave with an education (in books and in life)...

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