31 March 2005

Last night's episode of Amazing Race was awesome....a bleeding old woman and an SUV rollover. This show is by far the best reality show ever. When things go smoothly it's a great show but when they have real accidents and unforseen circumstances you can't beat it.

Our week of pre-moving is going well. We've almost finished packing up all the things we don't need to use in the next couple of months. I've done a clean sweep of my clothes and have two grabage bags full to take to the Salvation Army. We're also getting other things done like passports and travel arrangements. It's going well. Both Nevada and I are happy that we're doing a lot of the little things ahead of time. Last time we went to Taiwan it was stressful right up until the last day...this time I think we'll be pretty much ready with a month to spare. That will allow us to enjoy some good times with friends and family in the summer.

Well.....off to finish the last few pages of my essay that's due tomorrow....then it's down to the last essay....I can see the light.

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