22 March 2005

So now that high school basketball is over and the NBA playoffs don't start for a month I can resume posting about other things. I am in the home stretch of university and am very close to getting my first degree. It's an exciting time but also stressful because I need to make sure that I get it all done and done well. I have 2 big essays left and 2 small essays as well as 5 finals. It's a lot of work but in 35 days it'll all be over and I will be grateful for the experience.

I often downplay the importance of a Bachelor of Arts but I read an article in the paper a couple weeks ago that said a BA is still an achievement and valuable in life. I will be proud to be a university graduate although I hope to someday complete a second degree or perhaps move into graduate work. I'm not a brilliant man but I do feel I have more to offer and of course there is always more to learn. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of you out there who have completed any sort of post-secondary education...

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