20 March 2005

So Hoopla hasn't gone as I had planned but I think the teams are all where they should be. Cross lost a tough one to Balfour, Feehan lost a tough one to Campbell...so today we have two repeat city finals. Cross/Feehan (3pm@BJM)...we're gonna spank them and Balfour/Campbell (7pm@Bedford)....Campbell lost to Balfour in the city finals and they'll be looking for revenge. Campbell by 10.

UPDATE: Cross came back from a 16 point deficit at half and won by 10....Campbell gave up a big lead but held on and won by 15. Both great games...

I got the chance to hang out with some friends who now live in Moose Jaw and it was a lot of fun. Shane and I watched basketball all day and them we went out for food with Paul, Nathan and his wife (forget her name...sorry), and Amanda. I miss having Amanda and Shane around...I think they would be a great couple for Nevada and I to hang with but I guess that's how adulthood works. We have to move around to support ourselves and sometimes that means leaving friends and family behind. I wish we could all chose to to live together and do jobs in the same place....wait a minute isn't that kinda like a Hutterite colony...just jokes.

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Allison said...

Maybe those Hutterites ARE on to something... :)