18 March 2005

Thursday is here and I'm almost back to normal. One more night of good sleep. My body is still catching up from essay writing binge of the last few days. So like I said this weekend is Hoopla...in the spirit of March Madness I'm going to make my predictions for this weekend's tournament. First Round- Cross by 21 over PA Carleton, MooseJaw Peacock by a hair over Feehan (I'm taking a chance based on word from some friends in MooseJaw)...Second Round- Cross by 4 over Balfour (a Cross/Campbell match has to happen again), Campbell by a lot over MJ/Feehan...Final- My heart says Cross by a 1 or 2...my mind and sensibilities say Cambell by 8...So there you have it. Of course this is only the 5A Boys category but there is plenty more basketball to enjoy.

UPDATE: Cross won by 23, I was close...could've been 50 if the starters played. In the other game I was so close...Feehan won in the last 5 seconds by 2...Peacock almost had'em.

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Adam said...

Hey Chester - sounds like life is hectic and good

keep it real amidst the madness