26 April 2005

China trip

China trip
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If you've been in touch with me or my wife in the last little while you know that we are in the process of moving. You may be asking yourself why are you moving in April when you're not leaving for Taiwan until May. The answer is that I've qualified to participate in the University of Sask's Study Trip to China this summer. I'll be moving in with my mom to save some money over the next few months. I have two weeks of class on campus in May and then we spend the month of June studying hands-on in China. It will be an experience of a lifetime and I hope to add to my knowledge of Asia in preparation for a potential career in some sort of cross cultural organization. The class specifically focuses on the "Culture Change in Post-Socialist China". Ok...that's all for now...I need to study for tomorrow's final.

If you want to check out the trip info follow this link: Experience China 2005

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