25 April 2005

So tonight I have something amazing to share. I think I'm sick of McDonalds. I've been an addict for years and the last two or three times I've had it I just feel disgusting and it doesn't even taste good. Tonight I stopped at McD's for 2 double cheeseburgers for $3...I had to take advantage of this deal. As I sat and ate the burgers they got grosser and grosser with every bite. I think I'm done eating McD's unless it's a necessesity...as in strange foreign country and needing a familiar meal. So that's one bad element of my normal diet gone....now I just have to work on the things I eat at home. I'm not a crash diet fan but in the past year I've been trying to gradually make food changes. I believe in the next two years it'll start to show with gradual weight loss and better health.


SarahJ said...

YAAY Chester! I'm finally sick of McDonald's too. I'd rather eat at almost any other fast food restauruant than there...except Burger King...cuz who likes Burger King? Anyways..good luck with finals this week.

Tim said...

I've been through that transformation. Many years ago. The potential danger is that after time you can get to a point where it doesn't taste gross anymore. But usually by then you've developed better habits when it comes to eating on the run.