22 April 2005

I'm getting frustrated with my finals schedule. As usual I write until almost the last day. It hasn't really bugged me until this week when everyone I've talked to says "I just finished today", "wow...you're still writing" or "so how did finals go?". Everyone is innocent but it grates on my nerves. Yes, I have three finals left and a big hand-in project. They are all tough exams and I just want them to be over. I've been doing a bit of studying and I should end up doing o.k. but it's the month long agony that has built up. I really can't wait until next Wednesday night when I can just relax....maybe a Honey Brown and some wings...anyone up for a night out?

By the way, tonight I did some acting at youth which was a lot of fun. I played a hyper preteen having a sleepover and a middle aged sex therapist. The hyper kid and his friends got talking about the myths about masturbation (ie: if you do it too much you'll go blind)...th punch line is the kid's dad played by Don walks in and embodies all of the myths (blind, hairy palms, bald, no arm). As a sex therapist I fielded some questions from the audience...the highlight being the the french kiss demonstation on a piece of plastic so that the audience could see the squishy tongue. We're done our series on sex and it was intersting....we risked a lot and hopefully the kids learned and took away an appreciation for the role of sex in life and the role that God plays in regards to sex.


Andy said...

Know how you feel! That was like me the last few years at uni. But, now being on the other side, I feel bad. "Want to go out for a beer", "sorry, can't... I'm studying" "oh..."

Definately up for beer and wings! Should I go to Saskatoon, or should you come to Calgary :)

Shane Sowden said...

Come on down to MJ for a drink and some wings. My treat!

Hilary said...

Hey Chester. I still have 2 finals left..I'm not done till the 30th. Anytime after that give me a shout and I'll go for wings and a drink with you! And I live in Saskatoon so you don't have to go very far! Good luck with the rest of yours.