21 May 2005

I have to be honest and say that almost all of my thoughts these days are on China and the trip. It's been hard to concentrate on "real" life. We've been in class preparing all week. We were taught the Coles notes version of the entire Chinese history...which was really interesting. Yesterday we our preconceptions about China both positive and negative. It was surprising that we knew so much and how we felt about the different aspects of Chinese culture. The research that we will be doing needs to be done objectively and therefore we need to get our biased ideas in the open so that they don't affect our work. We also had a Chinese language tutorial yesterday...I'm the only student on the trip with a background in Mandarin so I hope to take the lead in a few situations. It felt good to be able to help them yesterday. Today the focus is on "how to do anthropological research?" This class is the one I need the most as I've never done official research like this and feel underequipped for the work ahead. Our prof write how many sleeps are left until the trip on the board.....today it's 10 Sleeps!!!

In NBA news...Last night a great NBA career came to an end. Reggie Miller has played his last game. I've never been an Indiana Pacers fan but I really appreciate Reggie's career. He worked hard, played hard and stayed loyal. It's rare that we see athletes these days stay with one team for their entire career....Reggie stayed in Indiana for 18 years. He has left them game with many fine highlights....he's one of the best clutch performers ever. When a big shot needed to be made the ball was always in his hands. I will also miss the constant banter between Reggie and Spike Lee in NYC. They were always at each other but it was healthy and out of respect for each other.

Peace out...


SarahJ said...

Chester...3 days without a blog? This is ridiculous.

The Wee Brown-Eyed Girl said...

Yo yo yo! Thanks for dropping in on my site, god to hear from you! Sounds like life is full and interesting for you these days - nice one! Take care! (Or as us Irish would say: Keep 'er lit the boy ye!)