25 May 2005

In honor of my friend Andy, who just completed his top ten...I will be posting about my Top Ten songs. Although I am not a super musician I am a super music fan. I am very passionate about music, it speaks to my soul in many ways and goes with me through life. I have a lot of CD's and my iPod plays in my ear constantly these days. This list will be about songs that are special to me...it doesn't mean that they are "the" best songs ever but they are my fav songs for one reason or another...

I wrote that first paragraph a couple days ago and have been struggling with song selection ever since...I always have a ton of trouble deciding on lists...I've made a few sub lists and I'll be sharing those with you also....ok..here goes

10. Song: Just Looking
Artist: Stereophincs
Album: Performance and Cocktails

Maybe many of you won't know this song. I had no idea about Stereophonics until I went to Ireland. This band is a jewel from Wales. I remember my musician kids playing Sterephonics tunes...espcially Jimmy who would belt out my other favorite tune "A Thousand Trees". The song "Just Looking" is special to me cuz it was super famous at the time but it also speaks to my life...it talks about the choices that can be made in life. You can choose the wife, house, kids, job but it's a risk...you need to be ready for the consequences. In a lot of ways I'm not ready to settle cuz I'm still looking around at my choices. I like the line "It keeps me smiling"....some people think that there's a rush to make these choices but the looking is what keeps things lively and exciting for me.

There's things I want,
There's things I think I want,
There's things I have,
There's things I wanna have,
They say the more you fly,
The more you risk your life
Well I'm just looking,
I'm not buying,
I'm just looking,
Keeps me smiling

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Andy said...

Good to see that the list has started! I will definately be checking up regularily to see what you have in the vault! (haha)

Congrats on grad. It's quite a day where you're proud of yourself and those you love get to celebrate a large accomplishment. Way to go!