25 May 2005

Convocation Day

U of S
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Tomorrow morning is a special time for me. I am convocating from the University of Saskatchewan with a 3 yr BA in English. I can admit that it's not quite the degree I wanted to leave with but I'm proud nonetheless. I do have some credits in the bank that will go towards a degree upgrade or perhaps a second degree. I am a classic example of somone who has changed interests as I've gotten older...I'm into anthropology these days and I wish I would've known about that field earlier. I may have pursued a degree in that. But for now I will happily accept my degree and look forward to the opportunities that a post-secondary education will open up for me.

We're having a grad party/going away to China party on Saturday at my mom's...if any of you would like to come feel free....7pm Sat May.28. E-mail me if you have any questions: chestertaiwan@hotmail.com


SarahJ said...

Congrats Chester!!!

dan said...

congrats chester ... and bon voyage as you head to asia ... safe travels!


Chump said...

Congrats. I got a degree too!