27 May 2005

My Top Ten...#9

9. Song: Goodbye
Artist: Hootie and the Blowfish
Album: Cracked Rearview

I’m a sucker for the mellow ballad. The piano at the beginning is beautiful and when singer Darius Rucker joins in it meshes perfectly. It’s sounds as though he’s really sharing from his soul. The lyrics appear to be sad but are used to confirm the importance of the relationships in his life, especially with the girl in question. Despite the potential hard times that come with love relationships the upside outweighs the downside. This song is about sticking it out through the tough times rather than losing the relationship all together. I think this is a perfect attitude for people in marriages…work through the tough times so that you can enjoy the abundance of good times.

I just wanna touch you girl
I wanna feel you close to me
Without your love I would give up now
and walk away so easily.
So maybe while you're young
We'll figure out together
that even with the pain, there's a remedy
and we'll be all right.
I don't want to live to see the day we say goodbye

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Tim said...

Hey Chester, is "Here It Comes" by MC Serch gonna make this list? Fidda-fe fidda-fi fidda-fo fidda-fum