17 May 2005

Today was my first day of summer school. I've decided to bike to class...it's not a super long ride but enough to get some exercise in this body. So I'm half way there this morning and sure enough it starts to pour. It went from sunny and 20 degrees to rain and what felt like -5 degrees. I was happy to pull up at school and run inside. This is the story of my exercise efforts...whenever I do something to better myself something discouraging happens. I won't let this get me down but I just think that it's totally Murphy's Law working against me.

Everyone is my class is so excited about our upcoming adventure. Our prof gave us the official itinerary and we went through it. That just got us all going!!! One thing I'm a bit apprehensive about is the academic side of this trip. It is a 6 credit class so we're expected to do some work. I've never travelled and worked at the same time. I think I'll be o.k. but right now it's a strange thought. The next 2 weeks of class will also will tough to plough through as the trip gets closer...it's not only the trip that looms closer but the big Taiwan move...Nevada and I want to get most of our plans in place before I leave....it's gonna be a crazy couple weeks but I have no complaints, I'm getting a lot of amazing opportunities and I'm super thankful.


Melissa said...

I'm glad the class work seems ok. Depending on the topics, it might be good to do the work while you're actually in the country. I hate it when it rains while you're biking/scooting but keep going!

SarahJ said...

Oooooh...biking. See, that is the reason I don't bike to work/school. Besides the fact that it would probably rain the day I decided to, after a long day I think the last thing I would want to do is hop on my bike and take a ride home...I prefer the lazy route..driving.