01 July 2005

I've been home and now I'm gone...we arrived last night at 1:30 am in Houghton, New York. It's a small town an hour south of Buffalo. The conference is at Houghton College, a small Christian liberal arts college. The conference is set up to prepare people travelling overseas to work in a missionary school environment. It's a unique environment where the staff comes from all over the world, the students are from all over the world and it all has to blend together. This experience in Taiwan is shaping up to be much different than the last. The last time we went it was for money and adventure....this time it's more about missionary work and creating a stable life for the start of our family. The Morrison Academy environment is very family friendly and very understanding to helping families have great experiences overseas. It's also neat to be at a conference where we are learning and being prepared whereas last time was a do-it-yourself thing. It feels like our marriage and life together is finding a direction. It sounds funny that we've been together 4 years and still don't have a focus...but I think this is a solid direction for our future.

It's time to get to our next session but I'll be back to chat about some other stuff....

p.s. I've had nothing but diarrhea since I've been back.


Melissa said...

I'm glad things are going well. It will definitely be a different experience this time. Sorry to hear of your body issues. China does that to a body, but it will be ok.

SarahJ said...

Thanks for talking about your diarhea....I sure have missed hearing about your bodily functions.