15 July 2005

If anyone has seen me in the last two months you'll know that I've been sporting a sweet mushroom cut. I realize the mushroom cut isn't in style but it was there for a reason. I want to give dreadlocks one more shot before I start losing hair which is a family trait. So today Nevada has graciously offered her time and she's knotting and waxing my hair. I sort of look like


but hopefully I'll end up like

Adam Duritz.

It's a hairstyle that I really like. Nevada and I have made a deal that I can't do anything with it until Christmas...it's not supposed to work it's way into full-on dreads for a few months so I need to put up with it. I hope it works this time....

1 comment:

Nevada said...

I think your hair is fun and really cool. In a few months it will be totally awesome!!